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The recording studio

For what purposes?

The recording studio provides audiovisual equipment for educational, scientific, creative, cultural, professional, and leisure purposes: MOOCs, video capsules, video resumes, etc. With the Rapidmooc videobooth, you can quickly and easily create videos with visual overlays (Powerpoint presentations).


  • the Rapidmooc videobooth;
  • a green screen;
  • 2 lapel microphones;
  • 4 LED spotlights.

Access arrangements

  • Open to everyone;
  • Reservations:;
  • Open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10 am to 4 pm;
  • Before using independently, you will be offered guidance by our teams (30 minutes of training), during the same time slots;
  • Bring a USB key to save your work and your laptop for visual supports to overlay.

Practical information

  • 1st floor, near the reception;
  • Maximum 6 people
  • 25 m²