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What is the Lumen ?

Lumen is a place at the heart of the campus, on the Moulon plateau. It offers a wide range of services designed for student success and cultural and scientific activities. The public is encouraged to make use of its work, cultural, and leisure spaces.

All of these services are primarily provided by the Université Paris-Saclay, CentraleSupélec, and ENS Paris-Saclay.

Within these institutions, the Libraries, Information and Open Science Department, the Design Spot, and the Diagonale contribute to the daily life of the place.

Presentation of Lumen's architecture

The architects of Lumen are Emmanuelle Beaudouin, Laurent Beaudouin Architects, and MGM, Morales De Giles Arquitectos.


Photographer: Morgane Renou (photos under CC BY-NC-ND license).


Introduction to the departments

Libraries, Information and Open Science Department

Libraries, Information and Open Science Department is a department shared by CentraleSupélec, ENS Paris-Saclay, and Université Paris-Saclay.

The libraries have the primary mission of implementing the University's document policy and contributing to its training and research activities. As such, they welcome all members of the university community, support learning and the dissemination of scientific and technical information, and play a role in implementating the university's open science policy.

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The Design Spot

Founded in 2017, the Design Spot is Université Paris-Saclay's design centre. The Design Spot was created to support the thousands of students, researchers, and entrepreneurs within the Paris-Saclay ecosystem, thus helping to invent future products and uses. The Design Spot offers awareness activities as well as advisory and support services to promote the integration of design into research and innovation projects.

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The Diagonale

The Diagonale is Université Paris-Saclay's culture, arts, sciences and society department .

It draws a diagonal line between the scientific community and citizens, between various scientific and artistic disciplines, and between the different sites Université Paris-Saclay sites and their areas.

Its actions encompass:

  • Relationships between science and society: sharing knowledge, scientific mediation and dissemination,
  • Artistic and cultural activities and practices within the university community,
  • Activities that intersect and hybridise arts and sciences, as well as research-creation (in connection, notably, with the  ENS Paris-Saclay research scene),
  • Conservation and enhancement of scientific heritage, as well as support for the enhancement of artistic and natural heritage.

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